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Ready Hour Emergency Sewing Kit


Not Your Average Sewing Kit

Popped button? Torn backpack? Maybe a split seam? No problem. Our Emergency Sewing Kit can help.

Designed for beginners and seasoned sewers alike, this 28-item fabric repair kit includes:

  • 2 Large Sewing Needles – Help you sew a variety of fabrics together; sized large so they're easy to handle.
  • 4 Different Buttons – Quickly replace any button that falls off your clothes.
  • 4 Safety Pins (2 Large, 2 Medium) – Safety pins are great for quick fixes, like holding a torn seam together.
  • 1 Pair of Scissors – You'll need these to cut thread or fabric.
  • 1 Rubber Thimble –  Will not rust! Push a needle through fabric without hurting yourself.
  • 1 Tape Measure – Made for sewing, but features many other emergency applications.
  • 2 Sets of Circle Snaps (4 Pieces) – An emergency must-have when buttons go missing. Fastens clothes and keeps you protected without buttons.
  • 1 Pants Clasp (2 Pieces) – Another essential for when buttons go missing. Fastens pants without buttons.
  • 1 Needle Threader – Makes it easier to get the thread through the eye of the needle.
  • 1 White Thread Roll, 1 Black Thread Roll, 2 Green Thread Rolls, 2 Dark Gray Thread Rolls – A variety of colors for versatility. The dark gray thread is extra strong for heavy-duty sewing and mending.
  • 1 Thread Picker – Remove stitches easily that you don't want or made a mistake on.
  • 2 Straight Pins – Helps you remove stitches that you don't want or made a mistake on.
  • 2 Curved Needles (3 and 4 cm) – An essential that many emergency sewing kits are missing. Makes it easier to sew rugged gear like backpacks and tents.

Ready Hour's Emergency Sewing Kit componentsThe Emergency Sewing Kit by Ready Hour isn't just any sewing kit. It's designed with practicality and versatility in mind.

The inclusion of unique tools like the upholstery grade thread, curved upholstery needles, and thread picker sets it apart from other kits.

Plus, its canvas pouch with a belt clip makes it easy to carry around.

Whether you're hunkering down at home or bugging out, this kit ensures you're ready for any fabric fix.